Samsung Galaxy S4 Display, Touch, Reparatur wechsel komplett tausch, Deutsch

Fragen: iPhone reparieren lassen: Austausch der kompletten Fronteinheit mit display Touchscreen und Glas. Hier wird euch gezeigt wie ihr euer Samsung umbaut in eine neue Serviceeinheit von Samsung. Discover A Lot More

Raspberry Pi LCD PCAP touchscreen 10.1″ 1280×800

RAIO_10.1_V.1 Is a powerful LCD monitor with touchscreen, useful for building an All-in-One or POS PC based on Raspberry Pi and it’s clones. main info: -10.1” PCAP USB touchscreen -VGA, HDMI and AV video inputs -LCD IPS with 1280×800 resolution -5.5×2.5mm Discover A Lot More

TOP 3: Touch Screen Monitors 2018 -Must Watch Before Buying

Best 3 Touch Screen Monitors 2018 Best touch screen monitors possess some unique useful features that give them an edge over their competitors. Usually, the design, the display quality, the ease of installation and the operating system compatibility Discover A Lot More