AeroCool StrikeX – LCD TouchScreen Fan Controller Review & Unboxing

Something special for you people, this is something you don’t see every day, i decided to get this because I have 3 fans in pc that are getting annoying on max speed, even tho i had 1 on software controller and 2 on a manual controller, it was just too dumb + Strike-X brings temperature readings onto front panel too.

It just makes pc look so much cooler.

I actually wanted to get AeroCool Touch 2100, no idea why i bought this one. they’re almost same tho, Touch 2100 supports 25w per channel, this one only 8w per channel, but it’s not like you connect 4 fans onto 1 channel, 1 fan is about 2-3w of power, so 3 fans on 1 channel is no problemo.

Temp sensors are handy, one on top of the GTX680 GPU shows same reading as the software (uses GPU’s built-in sensor), so its quite accurate.

Also you get 2 USB slots (if you have motherboard connection free) and also mic + headphones ports (useless tho, since almost every PC case has them on front panel).
Anyway, it’s cool gadget to have.

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