How to Repair Iphone Samsung LCD Touch Screen – OCA Laminating + Air Bubble Removing

This Video Presents the machine to laminate the OCA LCD touch screen and remove the bubble. The highlight of this machine is that it support 12 inch LCD touch screen lamination, and OCA lamination and debubbler is one site, operation by only one time of button pressing.

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One Stop IPHONE, SAMSUNG , Mobile LCD Touch Screen Repair Solution is available with super quality and competitive price.

1. Vacuum LCD Separator for 7″ and 15″ LCD touch screen;
2. OCA Film Applicator;
3. OCA Lamination Machine;
4. Bubble Removing Machine
5. Related Consumable items.

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More mobile LCD Glass Repair Machines DEMO as below:

7 inch or 15 inch LCD separator machine Operation DEMO

OCA Film Stick Machine ZM-FL1 Operaiton Demo

Lastest OCA laminating and Bubble Removing machine ZM-MMD-2 Demo

Price List will be sent to you if you contact me.

Whatsapp: +86 150 1921 1735

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