Hyundai Meeting Mate Software for LED Touch Whiteboard Displays

The larger design of picture size makes the Hyundai E70AL enlarged by 80mm (W) x 80mm (H). This can help users with writing even on every end edge of picture. The E70AL provides a faster response time by 30% than that of existing touch sensors, having no errors and enabling users to enjoy various programs, games, and easy writing which can be operated by connecting it into computer. A software quick search button, generally-used in front projection typed IWB’s, is applied to LCD IWB in a world first. For this, even beginners can use the device with ease. The advanced interactive white board technology of the E70AL makes your learning environment better. It provides you with the most innovative electronic board to help improve yourlearning capabilities. Enjoy true class with dynamic lessons and saving your work, along with environmentally friendly Eco-display.

Meeting Mate Software:
Based on analysis of user behaviors and various features
required for meetings, Meeting Mate is designed for use at
different occasions from project meetings to development
and design meetings and business reports. Additionally,
the analog aesthetic in the Juniper Pen and Eraser not
only increase productivity but also create a warm and cozy

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