Nokia Lumia 1020 Screen Repair & Disassemble presents the Nokia Lumia 1020 Screen Repair & Disassemble video. Visit for all of the DIY repair resources that will allow you to fix your Lumia 1020 display assembly (LCD & touch screen with the frame) quickly, and affordably. Find high quality Nokia replacement parts, premium repair tools and detailed repair instructions to help you complete the DIY repair successfully. This video will assist you in safely replacing the LCD and touch screen assembly on your Lumia 1020 to get it working, and looking, like new again. If you do not feel comfortable doing the repair yourself- there is no need to worry. Contact one of our skilled repair technicians at 866-233-6460 or and they will fix your device for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for additional DIY smartphone and tablet HD repair videos.‬‬

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