Perfect Location Outside Kansas City

My wife and I decided to look for Parkville apartments after I received a transfer at work to our facility in Kansas City. We initially hoped to live within the city, but after doing a lot of research, both online and talking to future co-workers who live there, we decided to look outside the city for a place to live. Kansas City has some problems that we’re not comfortable living around, and the cost is higher than those places outside the city limits. We decided on Parkville because it’s a beautiful little place that is within driving distance of work.

There was the commute to worry about, but it’s not that much of an issue. We would be far enough away to avoid the big city problems we all know about, but close enough to get to work rather quickly as well as being able to visit the city for events and shopping. The best thing about the apartment complex we chose is that it’s also rather close to shopping in Parkville. That’s helpful for my wife who is staying home while I work. She doesn’t have to go to Kansas City for groceries or smaller items and can just get them right down the street.

The apartments themselves are very nice and very affordable for our budget. They have a pool and many of the other amenities you expect with apartment living. The staff was responsive to our questions and seemed very accommodating about paying the rent and complex security. We’re pretty fired up to move in and start the next phase of our lives. It’s going to be great to live in a nice town and not have to worry about city issues such as crime and noise. It’s certainly a step up from the place we’re living in now!

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