Video demonstration of the bonding repair of the S III using LOCA (liquid optically clear adhesive) adhesive bonding back to LCD. This method removes the air gaps, and touch latency (freezing) when doing Galaxy/Note glass repairs.

If you are interested in me repairing your phone please email me for a quote, marcustazxda@gmail

This is where I am currently purchasing my LOCA, great guy and great price. Originally found him on eBay.

Part 1 Glass Removal:

Part 2 Glass Removal:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Disassembly:

Plastic Razors: Amazon

Glass I buy from this dealer on eBay: wholesaleblimited, ship from the USA and the glass is high quality!
Tape: 3M 2mm tape purchased at Amazon or eBay
You can use fishing line to help you remove the glass especially on shattered screen, but it must be thin.

For those having glare issues, please make sure you remove all the protective plastic on the inside of the glass when it comes new. Some glass ships with 2 protective layers of protection on the inside. Like I said SOME come this way not all so just check. I personally have never had a glare issue going outside with replacement glass.

Again for those asking how much I charge please just send me a personal message or email to my screen name and I will respond promptly.

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