Samsung Galaxy S4 LOCA GLUE Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive Application Guide | RockIT Repairs

Here is a video showing how we apply LOCA or liquid optical adhesive glue to a Samsung Galaxy S4. We are RockIT Repairs a full service repair shop that accepts mail in repairs(90% completed and returned with 24 hrs at no extra cost!) or if you can Discover A Lot More

TVC-Mall Tutorial on iPhone LCD Adhesive & UV Glue Remove Machine – LCD Refurbishment

This is a tutorial video on LOCA Glue Degumming Machine Adhesive Remover for iPhone here from This lcd glue removal machine is specially designed for iPhone 4 4S and iPhone 5, used to remove the LOCA Liquid optical Discover A Lot More

LCD Adhesive Remover – How to Remove OCA Glue without damaging Polariser

Does d-Limonene work? = YES Available Here: In this video I show how d-limonene can cut even some of the strongest adhesives found in cellphone refurbishment. This screen Discover A Lot More

How to add Adhesive Tape or Strip to your Digitizer Touch Screen Replacement

This video should explain how to add Adhesive Strips to your new Digitizer Touch Screen. For all your Digitizer Touch Screen Please visit us at Thanks Discover A Lot More

Happy Mail Unboxing! Sticker and Adhesive Paper from Online Labels

Happy Mail Unboxing! Sticker and Adhesive Paper from! I can’t believe all the fabulous adhesive cuttable paper (with Silhouette) I’ve been missing out on! Weatherproof printable adhesive, magnet paper, printable foil! Get all Discover A Lot More