Mobile phones lcd screen repair machine – -How to separate Samsung bezel and LCD touch screen

This video presents how to separate mobile lcd touch screen, Samsung bezel, and remove the OCA glue. We manufacture LCD touch screen separator, OCA glue removing machine, and OCA Laminating machine. Price list will be sent to you if you need. You Discover A Lot More

Nexus 4 Broken Glass – Digitizer – Bezel Replacement

Complete tear down of the nexus for to replace middle body of phone and LCD/Digitizer. LG Nexus 4 screen and parts: -TOOLS Discover A Lot More

LG G2 Screen, Digitizer, Bezel, LCD replacement, Complete disassembly

Complete assembly of phone and replacement of LCD and Bezel. Parts: LG G2 screen & parts Etrade Supply: Amazon Screen with Discover A Lot More