Now a day’s so many useful technologies are coming out to make our life style more comfort, luxurious and secure. With advancements in technologies now we are able to design more user friendly systems with low cost. Now a day’s users expecting Discover A Lot More

Hongkong AIOPC OLED intelligent sensor control, touch screen transparent

If you like our products, you can send me mail. my email ID : Production advertising player, LCD monitors, interactive touch one machine, kiosk, POS cash register machine meal. Discover A Lot More

GSM Home alarm system with touch keypad and APP control feature

GS-G90E is Touch keypad GSM alarm system with home auotmation feature,can contorl home appliances via APP application software.GS-G90E has 100 wireless zones,user can define the zone name by himself,it’s Capacitive touch screen,which is very easy Discover A Lot More

3.5 inch UTFT display wiith Arduino MEGA2560 + Button test + LED control

this tutorial show how to interface 3.5″ TFT display with Arduino MEGA board and controlling the LED using touch button of can also control the other electronics device by making extra ckt. like relay, MOSFET.TIP etc… for 3.5″TFT display Discover A Lot More

13″ LCD screen dashboard retrofit with touchscreen control of car. Arduino, Custom car, Visual Basic

A work in progress. This is the basis of a human interface for the car. All non driving controls(seats, mirrors, lights, heater, sound system, etc) can be controlled through the touch-screen. Im building a version of this to be fitted in my v12 Discover A Lot More

FYI Review of the External HDMI monitor USB Touch screen control for Android tablet

A long awaited piece of equipment that allows you to connect external touch screen to an android tablet. 1. It only works with RESISTIVE touch screen 2. You need an OTG capable device. OTG Provides USB Port 3. No Drivers Needed. 4. I sell these devices. Discover A Lot More

Nikon D5500 review (Specs | Control Layout | Touchscreen | Wi-Fi | Sample Images)

The D5500 is the newest version of Nikon’s popular top-end entry-level camera. In this video, Amy Davies takes a look at what’s new, tries out some of the updated features, and includes sample images from the D5500. Read the comprehensive review Discover A Lot More

Powerup 3.0 Review – Fly a Paper Airplane with iPhone or Android Smartphone Control

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) This is a neat Kickstarter that I backed a few months ago that delivered! Powerup Toys has been making kits that add a battery powered propeller to paper airplanes. In this new 3.0 version, Discover A Lot More