Ebay HY-MiniSTM32V LCD initialization and various drawing operations

Various draw operations on an Ebay-bought HY-MiniSTM32V eval board, which contains a 320×240 TFT LCD with touch screen (SSD1289 controller) and STM32F429ZIT6 (although this board had it changed to STM32F103VET6). The LCD is memory mapped and for Discover A Lot More

Обзор китайского цифрового программируемого термостата теплого пола на eBay.

Цифровой программируемый термостат теплого пола приобретен на eBay в 2013 году за 27,19$ , надежно работает, имеет сенсорное управление и жидкокристаллический Discover A Lot More

iPhone 6 bootloop screen after screen replacement bought on Ebay

iphone screen 6 which presents the startup problem stuck on the apple. iphone 6 bootloop after screen replacement Problematic due to a bad screen bought on the internet. The problem is easily solved by changing the screen, it is not due from the Discover A Lot More

Iphone 5 Broken Glass Perfect LCD and touchscreen on Ebay

En venta en Ebay Pantalla de Iphone 5. Perfectamente funcional tanto el tactil como el LCD. Lo único estropeado es el cristal superior. Iphone 5 Screen on sale on Ebay. LCD and digitizer working perfectly. The only think is broken is the outer Discover A Lot More

eBay purchased 7″ monitor rear view mirror wireless reverse camera

Purchased this on eBay for approx and it was such a great buy. This particular model has USB and SD card slots to play medias. You can play audio, videos, pictures, play games, and read ebooks. It also has a built-in radio transmitter so you can Discover A Lot More