Introducing the Hitachi 65″ Interactive Screen in a classroom setting

The Hitachi 65″ Interactive screen is perfect for the education sector, giving an enhanced, interactive educational experience. View this great technology in action and view innovative additional features. Discover A Lot More

SEMA 2014 – Introducing Auto Meter’s LCD Sportsman Touch Screen Dash

Want a modern, configurable LCD dash display in your car or truck? Auto Meter’s Sportsman touch screen display can connect to a plug-and-play OBDII module, or accept input through an analog input module. The instrument layout is completely customizable, Discover A Lot More

Introducing the NZXT Sentry 3 Touchscreen Fan Controller

Take your build to new heights with the Sentry 3’s perfect blend of precision and power. The Sentry 3 combines five powerful fan channels with an extraordinarily intuitive UI, giving you complete control over your entire rig’s cooling with the swipe Discover A Lot More