Raspberry PI Touchscreen with 5″ TFT over HDMI with virtual Keyboard

5 Inch Touch Screen LCD for Raspberry PI 800 X 400 Resolution Resistive Touch LCD .Very effective touch screen to use with RPI B+ , RPI 2 & RPI 3 models. This video demonstrates how to — Install the TOUCH Driver — Increase the screen view to Discover A Lot More

raspberry pi resistive touchscreen with 7″ tft over hdmi

7″ raspberry pi touchscreen tft hdmi 720p – I bought it on ebay from chinatobby2011 for only 45 EUR. The touch panel is called AT070TN92 V.5 and the HDMI AD Board is called VS-TY2662-V1 or PCB800099. I have made a screenshot from the ebay auction: Discover A Lot More

WEN Hair Care Product Review Documentary (over 5-month period) =)

I decided to document my experience for some of my friends that were interested in using this product. This review covers a 5-month period in which I only used WEN products on my hair to see true results. I was/am not being paid for this review, Discover A Lot More