Mobile phones lcd screen repair machine – -How to separate Samsung bezel and LCD touch screen

This video presents how to separate mobile lcd touch screen, Samsung bezel, and remove the OCA glue. We manufacture LCD touch screen separator, OCA glue removing machine, and OCA Laminating machine. Price list will be sent to you if you need. You Discover A Lot More

AMOLED v/s IPS LCD Display | Difference | Which Is Best For Mobile Phones

In this Video you will learn the Difference between different Display Technologies (IPS / AMOLED / Retina Display).★FREE Subscribe ➜ ★Watch our all Videos ➜ Samsung S7 AMOLED vs IPS LCD Display Discover A Lot More

Importing Phones – Customs Duties, Shipping, Warranty & All you need to know! #AshAnswers E2

Over the years, I’ve received quite a lot of these questions… How do you buy stuff internationally? How do you import phones? What about customs? What are the shipping charges? How long does it take? In this video, I try to answer all these Discover A Lot More