Traditional Donkey Cart Race Takes Centre Stage in Karachi Festival

Fast and furious donkeys carrying their riders in small carts behind them compete in a traditional donkey cart race in Karachi. Full Story: A traditional donkey cart race, called ‘Donkey Derby’, grabbed the attention of spectators when it was held Discover A Lot More

Collider – The Flash Recap and Review Show Season 2 Finale ’The Race of His Life’

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 Episode 8 Review – MovieBitches RuView

This week was the dreaded makeover challenge where the queens are given “silver daddies” to turn into drag mommies. This week also features extra-special guest judges Cloris Leachman and Debbie Reynolds 😢 -MovieBitches (Avaryl & Andrew) Subscribe Discover A Lot More

Fall 2014 Pennsylvania CPA Journal on Peer Review, Online Education, and the Pa. Race for Governor

Bill Hayes, managing editor of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, on changes to peer review, new education models, and the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race. Discover A Lot More