Review Reviewer: Grim Tales from Down Below

Tonight Reviewer and It get joined (forcibly) by The Cartoon Physicist to review the web-comic, “Grim Tales from Down Below. Check out the comic here: Check out some the Physicist’s video’s here: Discover A Lot More

Review Reviewer: Nostalgia Chick Freddy Got Fingered

As the search for Mr. It continues, Reviewer teams up with Diane of Leafing Through The Frames to look at NChick and Kyle’s review of “Freddy Got Fingered” See the original review here: Check Discover A Lot More

Review Storm Shadow จาก The Reviewer

รีวิวเครื่องเครือบกันน้ำ โดยรายการ The Reviewer รายละเอียดผลิตภัณฑ์อ่านเพื่มเติมได้ที่ ==================== รายการ Discover A Lot More

Sonic X Season 1 Review (ft. The Nuclear Reviewer)

Yes, this is a re-upload. The music I used for the credits got copyright claimed, so I changed it. Don’t blame me, blame TMS. Somehow, I didn’t make a GOTTA GO FAST joke in this video. Oh well, maybe next time… Subscribe to me! Subscribe Discover A Lot More

Review Reviewer: Animenia Pokemon The First Movie

It’s Poke-Mania on Animenia as Review Reviewer and Mr. It sit through Suede, Linkara, and JewWario’s review of the first Pokemon movie. See the Animenia review here: Discover A Lot More

DohVinci Faux Flower Vase Kit Unboxing Toy Review by The Toy Reviewer

Let your creativity bloom with an awesome Faux Flower Vase to decorate your space! Customize the flowers and the vase by using the Styler tool and Deco Pop tubes to make colorful designs with bold 3D lines. This kit also features a Blendables tube Discover A Lot More

Review Reviewer: WWHTW Treasure Planet

Pirates. In Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccceeeee!!!!!! Mr. It and Review Reviewer tackle the What We Had to Watch review of Disney’s “Treasure Planet” by using a surprising amount of Star Trek referencing. See the What We Had to Watch episode here: Discover A Lot More

Review Reviewer: Todd in the Shadows Hannah Montana The Movie

Why Disney? Why make this? Todd in the Shadows forces himself to watch Hannah Montana….. and Reviewer and It decide to suffer with him, See the Todd in the Shadows review here: Discover A Lot More