Cantu for Natural Hair Review! [Coconut Curling Cream + Define & Shine Custard]

Here’s my 2 cents on these two natural hair products with documentation of results! Give me a thumbs up if you like it! p.s. apologies for the poor quality. technical difficulties :'( Discover A Lot More

☾ Acuvue Define Natural Shine Circle Lens Review • JackyOhhh ☽

I say natural like…20 times in this video. Ello ello ello! I have another circle lens review for you guys today! I know I haven’t done the circle lens 101 video yet but I still plan to. Please just bear with me guys and it’ll be up asap! The lenses Discover A Lot More

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Acuvue 1 Day Define Natural Shine

If only these lens fit properly, they would be a Holy Grail rather than a Fail! Check out more photos here: Make Up: Acuvue 1 Day Define Lens MAC Studio Discover A Lot More