HTC One X AT&T Easy Step by Step Disassembly video

This is a video about how to disassemble your HTC One X at&t, if you are trying to DIY repair your broken HTC One X at&t and looking forward a video to follow, this video will suit you. HTC ONE X AT&T parts at: HTC Discover A Lot More

How to Replace Broken Digitizer / Touch Screen ONLY on LG G2 D802 – D803 Step By Step Guide !

This Video shows how to replace Digitizer only on LG G2 D802 / D803. Its not an easy job and This one was my first time to replace it. So it was not success. That’s why I go ahead and Replace LCD digitizer Screen Together. But I made this video Discover A Lot More

Google Nexus 5 LCD / Digitizer Screen Replacement with Housing. Step by Step instruction !

How to replace Google Nexus 5 LCD / Digitizer Screen assembly Replacement with housing, replacing with housing might be easy but might be costly also. Please do it with your own risk ! Discover A Lot More

How to Review My Address Place Location Business on Google Maps Easily Step By Step Part 2

How to Add My Address/Place/Location/Store on Google Maps Easily (Step By Step) Part 2 गूगल मैप में अपना पता कैसे डालते हैं ? how do i get my business on google search engine? How to Add Discover A Lot More

Journal Online Submission System (JOSS) Step 3: Removing Identifying Author Information

Step 3 will assure that the information identifying the authors of the manuscript has been removed prior to double-blind peer review. • Begin by downloading and reviewing the current manuscript marked as primary, ensuring that all information Discover A Lot More

Journal Online Submission System (JOSS) Step 10: Reviewing a Revised Manuscript

Step 10 allows the original Associate Editor to review the updated manuscript. • Please note that the Associate Editor will have access to the revised manuscript and revision notes, marked as primary in the file name and type box. • Choose Discover A Lot More

Journal Online Submission System (JOSS) Step 2: Initial Assessment

Step 2 will allow you, as the Editor-in-Chief, to reject the manuscript outright or enter it into the double-blind peer review process. • Click the link in the email notification you receive. • On the subsequent page, download the manuscript Discover A Lot More