STM32 and Arduino Uno 3.5″ LCD based portable SD card tester with CID unlock hack feature

Features: – cheap STM32 board – Arduino Uno 3.5″ TFT shield (ILI9327) – CID, OCR, CSD and status registers decoding – partition table and optional FAT filesystem parameters – CID unlock hack based on Richard Burton’s code: – Discover A Lot More

MakiseGUI tests on stm32 MCU with 2.2inch 320×240 ILI9341

github: MakiseGUI – library written on pure C. It implements primitives drawing methods, some drivers for displays and frameworks and full featured gui with many different Discover A Lot More

STM32 shield for cheap Arduino Uno parallel TFT displays

STM32 WIRING: LCD_A0 – RD PB10 LCD_A1 – WR PB0 // also analog touch YP LCD_A2 – RS PB1 // also analog touch XM LCD_A3 – CS PB11 LCD_A4 – RST PC15 // STM32 RESET or PC15 LCD_D2 – PA2 LCD_D3 – PA3 LCD_D4 – PA4 LCD_D5 – PA5 LCD_D6 – PA6 // also Discover A Lot More

Color terminal display based on STM32 and 2.2″ 320×240 LCD for Orange Pi PC and Raspberry Pi devices

This is my simple terminal emulator device which I constructed a few weeks ago mainly for debugging OpenELEC OS booting issues on Orange Pi PC SBC. I could just connect PC with terminal software but it wasn’t very convenient because my OPiPC is used Discover A Lot More