We Wanted to Do Something with High Entertainment but Low Cost

Seeing all the party buses in Toronto when I am out at night gave me the idea to rent one for our wedding reception. We had been trying to come up with a venue that would fit 15 people no problem, and we didn’t want that place to be our home. We had been looking for the perfect place for so long, and the solution turned out to be a big rolling bus. We loved the idea.

My husband and I have always been aware that people spend big money on their wedding and the reception afterward. This always seemed like a big waste to us. Why would spent $15,000 on a night where everyone is drunk and really doesn’t care that you spent too much money on a wedding dress that you wear for a short time or that a giant room to house a lot of guests who you haven’t really talked to all that much for the past 4 years. It seemed ridiculous to blow that kind of money. We wanted to do something more simple with our closest friends and family, and we wanted it to be different.

After a night of going to look at a variety of party rooms in various restaurants around town, my wife and I were feeling deflated about what we should do. They all cost a lot of money, and we didn’t come away from any of them feeling very impressed. We wondered if there was something else we could do that would be a nicer setting and for less money. Then, as we were driving home and talking about it, we saw a bus roll past us. We could see people moving and dancing inside. We could feel the bass thumping as it drove past. We had our answer right then.

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