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Brand Packaging Tips in Arcade Georgia

Packaging should act as a silent representative for your brand and should both function and look attractive.

Here are six branding tips that can help your product’s packaging come out looking its best in Arcade Georgia.

Consider Your Customers’ Environment

Buy less packaged products to reduce waste, such as coffee cups and water bottles; switch to reusable versions; use stainless steel straws (or go without) when ordering beverages; buy foods in bulk bins to cut packaging costs; can your own produce, grow your own gardens and avoid plastic eating utensils and take-out containers.

Locally-sourced materials can reduce environmental impacts by decreasing transportation distance and emissions, but if that’s not an option, select materials certified as not contributing to deforestation, habitat destruction or excessive pollution from suppliers who don’t add further environmental stressors.

An effective packaging design must take its intended audience into consideration. Achieve this is by forming an in-depth customer persona, which will inform all decisions involving your product including packaging. Doing this is key as having this knowledge will allow for informed choices from color to font to materials selections.

Keep It Simple

Packaging is essential to protecting products in the market while simultaneously serving as an effective marketing tool. However, businesses sometimes get carried away when designing product packaging designs, which can lead to disastrous consequences.

Your product packaging must communicate exactly what the product does, its purpose and how to use it. People have become very savvy at spotting counterfeit goods quickly.

Before embarking on the product packaging process, it is advisable to conduct a focus group test with your target customer. Doing this will allow you to gauge if your packaging is successful or not and provide insight into things such as phrasing, colors and design elements that may need altering. Creating an image of who your target customer is will also inform how you advertise and describe them; this is known as your Customer Persona (CP). Understanding CP will enable you to make smart decisions regarding product packaging decisions.

Think About Your Packaging’s Effectiveness

People tend to judge books by their covers; the same holds true for products. Customers make decisions within seconds after seeing product packaging; therefore it’s essential that its design entices and informs potential buyers quickly.

Consider functionality when designing packaging. An efficient packaging design makes the product easy for consumers to open, use and transport; additionally it should offer adequate protection of delicate or fragile products. Firm packaging must always be used.


Noting the requirements for packaging your product can also help ensure customer expectations and industry regulations are met, while potentially saving money through eliminating unnecessary design elements or fulfilling sustainability responsibilities for your business.