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Tips For Renting a Wedding Gown in Kaki Bukit SG

When planning your wedding in Kaki Bukit SG, renting a gown may be the answer to saving both time and money. Not only can renting save you from purchasing something once and wearing it only once again.

Before making the decision to rent your wedding gown, there are some key aspects that need to be taken into account. In this article we’ll look at both advantages and disadvantages of renting one.


Renting is generally less costly than purchasing, opening up more options in high fashion dresses that would otherwise not be within their reach. However, keep in mind that there may be additional costs such as shipping, pressing, and post-wear cleaning fees associated with renting gowns.

One important consideration when renting is that a dress will no longer belong to you as part of an heirloom gown’s legacy. Furthermore, renting cannot be altered in terms of alterability – something many brides prioritize over renting.

Before falling in love with any gown, it’s advisable to verify its availability as popular styles often book up months ahead, which can be an unexpected setback – particularly for last-minute brides. Narrow your search using website filters so you can find something perfect.


As close to your wedding date as possible is ideal for gown fittings, so that any issues identified during initial fittings have been rectified and mobility and comfort issues have been fully tested – for instance you should try walking and dancing around in it to determine its perfect fit.

Bring someone to help you put on your dress; many dresses can be difficult to put on alone. Additionally, test out how comfortable sitting and raising your arms feel; this will be necessary when greeting people down the aisle or dancing at your reception.


Finding a dress that perfectly accentuates your figure is of utmost importance on your wedding day, otherwise you risk wearing something too big or small, which could become an embarrassment on its own.

An elegant dress will help you to feel confident and beautiful on your special day, as well as help to prevent wardrobe malfunctions or mishaps.

Make sure your gown is stored in an area that is clean, dark, and dry when not being worn. Preferably it should be away from other clothing that might smell musty to reduce odor transference. A closet is ideal, although you could also opt for breathable storage like cardboard boxes instead. Be wary of extreme temperature changes – hot attic or basement storage will discolor white dresses while fading colored ones over time.


Wedding gowns require special care even after their big day has come and gone. Don’t let it fall into the wrong hands; even if it won’t be worn again, its value should not decrease or its color fade away over time.

Avoid these problems by using a garment bag and storing it in a dark, dry location. Make sure that acid-free tissue paper is used, along with a large enough box to accommodate your dress without compressing it too much.

Make sure that you practice how you will get in and out of a car wearing your gown; practicing with friends may also prove helpful, along with packing a pillow as support. Finally, have a bustle sewn onto your wedding gown.


Some brides opt to rent their wedding gowns instead of purchasing them, which can save both money and the environmental impact associated with purchasing something they will only wear once.

Before renting your gown, it is essential that you read through and carefully consider the rental contract. As most dresses cannot be altered after rental agreements have been signed, it is vital that it will fit perfectly before signing them. Most rental services, including Rent the Runway, provide back up sizes just in case the first doesn’t suit.

When storing your gown, try to protect it from direct sunlight, which may cause discoloration and fade over time. Furthermore, avoid high traffic areas like closets, spare rooms, and attics where it might get exposed directly.